Selling seeds
for flower meadows.

Flower Meadows – design and implementation of a comprehensive online solution.

Flower Meadows is a group of people passionate about bringing back flower meadows to the landscape of Polish towns and villages. The many advantages of having flower meadows include cleaner air, extending the population of pollinating insects, improving groundwater management and many others. 

The aim of the project was to provide Flower Meadows with a complete digital infrastructure – an e-shop and a website - including the design of visual and marketing communication with the aim to improve the scale and efficiency of sales.

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The structure of IT solutions

Three main products were created as part of the project, providing points of contact with clients: a shop, a website and a blog. Each of these solutions was designed in such a way as to enable flexible changes in the future and for the Flower Meadows team to be able to edit it themselves. 

The shop was based on the Magento 2 platform.

 The technologies used in this customized CMS include: os: debian, server: nginx, Front: Angular 8, API: NodeJS, JS, OAuth2, Winston, MongoDB, cache - none, Front template - React, Redux, Front prerender - Node, Pupeteer

Communication and visual identification.

Visual identification and communication of the brand was based on the SEED POWER claim. The large, geometric typeface used in the logo printed on labels works very well in social media, where many buyers post pictures of the products they bought i.e. the packaging for the seeds, which enhances brand awareness. 
 The surrealistic images explain the advantages of creating flower meadows. 


The shop is built from scrap based on the Magento 2 platform. 

It was a huge challenge to present the range of products in a clear way. This is why it was necessary to develop names for products which explain their use, a calculator – calculating the amount of ordered seeds, a division into categories which correspond to the needs of the identified target groups, instructions for sewing and many other elements which improve conversion rates.

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Increased sales results

Since the e-shop was launched we have noticed a 275% year-to-year increase in sales.

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