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A checklist of quality requirements for web pages

Dobra Strona Fundation /Good Website Fundation/

Dobra Strona Fundation is developed by the founders of grupa KMK – Marek and Michał Kozik. During one of our lectures at a conference for entities from the public sector we suggested that one of the reasons why so many public websites are in bad shape is a lack of tools to specify and then demand quality from the contractor selected in the tendering process. We came to a conclusion that if we make our internal procedures available and if we invite the best experts in Poland to also make theirs available – the public sector will gain a ready-made list of requirements, which will result in better quality of such websites.

 The scope:

  • the idea of the service
  • communication strategy
  • visual ID
  • web page
  • creating the expert content
  • coordinating the work of experts
  • DTP of manuals

The Team:

  • Marek Kozik
  • Michał Kozik
  • Asia Rodo
  • Patryk Dorosz
  • Jarosław Góra
  • Kuba Nagórski
  • Paweł Nowak
  • Marta Więckowska
  • Anna Kamieniak
  • Mateusz Ojdowski
  • Mariusz Muraszko
  • Dominik Paszkiewicz
  • Robert Rachwał


If administrative workers knew better how to specify the requirements for web pages, they would include them in the official specifications for tenders related to web sites.

In grupa KMK there are quality procedures related to the development of web pages. Making them available to the public sector we can help to define what „a good website” is for the purposes of preparing specifications for the contractor.


Task / Scope of work

We treated this pro publico bono initiative as a project for a new service.

The task was to develop the scope of the “MVP” i.e. a few chapters of a Good Practice Manual and to verify their usefulness for the City Councils in the region. Next the guidelines had to be corrected, than specialists in different fields (law, availability, mobile technology, etc.) were to be invited and their work coordinated. In the meantime we also had to create the visual tools for the talks with the potential beneficiaries of our project. So we designed the visual ID and the web page, as well as a template of the Manual, which took the form of a simple check list.


Design challenge

Stopień trudności nie był bardzo wysoki, niemniej fakt, że są to działania o charakterze pro publico bono, sprawia, że wyzwaniem jest samo zorganizowanie czasu na ich realizację.


To create this series of quality requirements, we decided to invite the best specialists in Poland in the fields related to different aspects of developing web pages – availability, defining the needs, legal aspects, visual experts etc. As a result, the public sector will get a set of requirements that can be presented to the contractor. By meeting these requirements the contractor improves the quality of the web page he develops. Ultimately, the beneficiary of this solution is the general public using the web pages of the public sector.


Iterative project process


Nomination to the award „The Silesian Thing” in 2016

The Dobra Strona Fundation was nominated to „The Silesian Thing” award in 2016 in the “Service” category. All the volumes of Good Practice in Web Page Design are available free of charge for the public and NGO sectors, and on individually arranged conditions for the commercial sector.


If you want to know how we can use experience from this project while working with you – contact us!