A leader in the electric and 
lighting market in Poland 
– 5 years of cooperation

Ostrowski Handel Internetowy (OHI)

The Ostrowski Handel Internetowy company (OHI), a leader in the electric and lighting
e-commerce market in Poland
is the owner of the following brands: 

 We started to cooperate 5 years ago. We began by working on the software and removing critical errors which initiated continuous development and optimization. It was then that the e-shops underwent their first significant transformation. We changed the appearance of the interface based on current trends and UX/UI practice, we developed a marketing communication strategy but most importantly we implemented the available analytic tools, SEO and we took over the Ad Words campaign – which was the starting point of the three- years’ process of optimization of the conversion rates of the OHI shops. 

Let's talk about cooperation.

Increased efficiency of 
OHI shops in 2015–2020

Measurable profits

The changes we introduced had a measurable effect on the efficiency of OHI shops. The sales figures of a platform which was once close to bankruptcy, are now growing and consistently reaching higher and higher levels. 

 The shops enjoy a stable 40% year-to-year increase of income. 
 In hindsight it must be said that this significant development of the company is due mostly to the attitude and trust of our client, with whom we have a relationship based on a real partnership.

PWA, because Responsive Web Design is not enough.

Over 70% of traffic in the internet is generated by mobile devices. This fact is no longer surprising to anyone. Websites that are properly displayed on any device are now an obvious standard.

While working on OHI shops we went one step further than RWD. We replaced the responsive website with a web application – a Progressive Web App.

 Research shows that smartphone users spend much more time in native applications than on internet websites. Applications engage the user more, which is why using a PWA can increase conversion rates by as much as 75%.

The entire purchase process without a single reloading of the page

What Progressive Web App means to OHI in practice (PWA checklist):

  • RWD (Responsive Web Design)
  • quick loading even with slow connections (e.g. 3G)
  • quick and „seamless” reactions to user’s actions e.g. switching between screens
  • possibility to add a shortcut to the start screen

New visual language.

After four years of constant cooperation and maintaining the OHI shops, we conducted a comprehensive re-design of the shop. 

Both complete screens and user flow in particular processes were refreshed and optimized. The style was also updated.


The form of communication with clients is a duet of Brand Heroes – two owls named Sławomir and Anka.


Advertising campaigns = ROI

All the advertising activities of the shop are constantly monitored, not only the planned budget or the number of transactions. We pay particular attention, in cooperation with OHI, to the return on investment from the paid channels of reaching the target group. Thanks to constant ROI analysis, we can constantly adjust our advertising activities changing them from less profitable to those that bring a high level of profit.
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Technology in support of business.


At the time when we started our cooperation, the CMS of the shop had already been developed but it was out-of-date. Since we started working on the system we have managed to modify approx. 90% of its functionalities. 

Dedicated tools

Puchacz – a system for automatic integration with suppliers, which downloads the prices and current stock as well as updates them and sends notifications if the change in price is significant and requires the user’s intervention.

Ceneo Analyzer – a system for monitoring competitors’ prices using API Ceneo, which compares and classifies a group of prices in other shops to the prices in the CMS, informs the user how the mark-up must be modified so as to make the price more competitive compared to other shops. 


The system consists of five servers communicating with one another. When the user enters the shop website, the user’s browser connects to the LB (Load Balancer) server, which re-directs the user to one of the application servers (APP1, APP2). The choice of the server is based on the availability of services and the traffic in the system. 

On the application servers there are programmes installed which are responsible for all the calculations, recording and accessing the database (the database is kept on the DB server) as well as for generating the response the user sees in their browser. The response is transferred back to the LB server, which returns it to the browser, which in turn displays it for the user to see. The DEV server is used to keep the developer’s versions of the shops, back-up of the application files and the database files.


"The cooperation brought about our development and stability, and the form of business contact itself based on mutual trust is not so common these days but proves to be extremely effective.” 
— Roman Ostrowski, Chairman of the Board."

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