E-commerce Magento or how to optimise conversion 
and generate „cheap traffic” in your e-commerce shop.

13 years

experience in e-commerce, Magento

5 years

of the longest non-stop cooperation with one client


increase of conversion overnight after implementing a new interface


growth of the Client since the beginning of our cooperation

What makes us stand out from the crowd? Advisory nature of cooperation based on partnership & Magento.

We work closely with our Clients helping them to gain advantage on the demanding market of internet sales. We design e-shops based on Magento 2 and develop dedicated e-commerce engines.

Let's talk about cooperation.

Shop engines and technology

We use the Magento 2 engine and have vast experience in developing dedicated solutions. 

Responsive Web Design is not enough today.  We build the frontend based on Progressive Web Aps (PWA), a technology which is a few times faster as compared to the most popular solutions today.

The technologies that we use are PHP, Angular, node.js, HTML/CSS.

We manage the Client’s infrastructure.  We configure the dedicated servers, maintain the hosting and ensure continuous operation of the Magento web page.

The technology which we use to create fast and friendly e-commerce is Vue Storefront.

PWA for eCommerce

UX / UI – we understand the user

We understand that our Clients want to build a shop that the users want to go back to because this generates „the cheapest traffic” in an online Magento shop.  Designing a good interface of the e-shop minimizes rejections on the webpage, reduces the number of basket abandonments, increases the value of the basket and ultimately increases your sales.

BAST case study

Image, communication and trends

In most projects the task we are faced with is to „increase Magento sales and get ahead of the competition”. This means that in our work we have to deal with market analysis, understanding end-users, identifying trends and building such communication with the users that they prefer to shop here and not elsewhere. As part of our services we design visual IDs, create communication strategies for brands, we test our assumptions and place the brands on paths that cross with the upcoming trends.

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Integration - ERP and external systems

We have implemented projects for online Magento shops, other web and mobile applications by integrating them with: 

•  Comarch Optima 

•  Comarch XL 

•  SAP 

•  Streamsoft Prestiż 

•  Subiekt 

•  WF-Mag. 

We have completed dozens of integrations with external systems. We have no problems dealing with communication using REST API, SOAP, XML file exchange, CSV, downloading data from FTP, SFTP or downloading data from attachments contained in e-mails.  We are fully flexible.  Depending on the size of the Magento project we can advise you on the best solution for you.


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Our cooperation with you – first steps

1. Finding out the needs and agreeing on scope.

ll projects start with defining the needs. This may take the form of a document, an e-mail or a face-to-face meeting.  Because of the fact that in nearly all of the cases the goal is to “start or increase the Magento sales” in our communication we focus on how best to achieve this. In our experience we have chosen different strategies – from optimising conversion and changing the interface (+70% increase of sales overnight), starting marketing activities and developing the shop’s functionalities to comprehensive activities which resulted in 80% increase of our Client’s sales and becoming a national leader in his branch of business.

2. Planning the process.

Based on the strategic decision on how to distribute the workload of Magento programming, designing and marketing we prepare a project process that fits the Client’s requirements, the specific market, the implemented IT solutions, the quality of brand communication etc.

3. Project completion and post-implementation development

It is not always possible to set a definite end of a project.  This moment is normally blurred and the support, communication and Magento software development is continued even after the project has been completed. Supplying the solutions as well as our know-how and experience related to the e-commerce market, we are at our most efficient if we continuously communicate with the Client. This makes the solutions we recommend the best investment from our Client’s business point of view.

We've realized over 300 projects

Increasing sales in e-commerce requires good coordination of many factors including: 

• a well-selected shop engine, Magento

• necessary and reliable integration with ERP and related systems, 

• positioning of the shop (SEO), 

• campaigns in the browser (SEM),

• managing the image of the brand, 

• testing and optimising conversion, 

• improving user experience. We have experience in branches such as: 

• electric and lighting, 

• window and door joinery, 

• lifestyle / clothing, 

• toys, 

• building materials, 

• the energy sector. 

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A working partnership

When you start cooperating with us, you can count on the involvement and experience of the entire Team. As the project is coordinated personally by the owners of grupa KMK – Marek Kozik and Michał Kozik, your business benefits from the support of two extra people. Marek and Michał are not just your contractors, but rather partners who understand your company.  This means that you can always expect us to discuss your requirements or needs to introduce changes.  We don’t just perform tasks given to us without giving it some careful thought – we always communicate with you suggesting the most effective methods to achieve the chosen goals.

See some of the projects we completed

Our Clients opinion

“The KMK group team proved to be involved and reliable, they showed initiative and suggested a non-standard approach keeping in mind the business goals we wanted to  achieve. I am extremely satisfied with our cooperation and overall project management.”

"The cooperation brought about our development and stability, and the form of business contact itself based on mutual trust is not so common these days but proves to be extremely effective.” 

„Cooperation with the KMK group is a guarantee of a professional and reliable execution of tasks entrusted to the company’s team. Keeping to deadlines, attention to detail as well as creativity are some of the qualities we had the pleasure to experience while watching how the KMK group cooperated with our clients. Their satisfaction means that we can recommend cooperation with the KMK group to our business partners as well as anyone else looking for a reliable partner in the field of IT and marketing.”

If you want to know how we can use experience from this project while working with you – contact us!