The first social media 
based recruitment tool – a recruitment start-up

Rekrutado was developed internally in grupa KMK. On many occasions, while recruiting for our own team, we discovered that the most valuable people usually come from personal recommendations.  We also found that people are more likely to recommend their friends and acquaintances if they get a „reward” of sorts – so we decided to base our service of job recommendations on this mechanism. 

The task we faced was to design the service from scratch.  From the vision, through fine tuning of the mechanisms that drive it, the legal side and clear communication of the values at its basis, right down to the actual design, implementation and ongoing promotion.

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Design challenge

The most challenging element of the process, which is still being fine-tuned today, is the full scope of user experience.
From communication to different groups of stakeholders (both people who have specialists in their contacts – so almost the whole population, and employers) to the process of actually going through the whole service (managing the expectations, foreseeing the concerns and needs). Explaining and making the new model of service popular are tasks which prove to be more complicated than developing the service itself.

Explaining and making the new 
model of service popular are tasks which 
prove to be more complicated than 
developing the service itself.


The service was developed from the very basics using the following technologies:

•  PHP 7.0 
•  MySQL 5.6 
•  nginx 1.12 
•  debian 8 
•  Symfony 2.8 
•  CSS 
•  JavaScript 
•  HTML5
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After implementation

We developed the MVP, the application works and has proved its value by the employment that it generated.  We tested the marketing activities which generate traffic in the service.  At the moment we are at the stage of looking for an investor to scale up!

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