Sales of prams
and pushchairs using the omnichannel model

X-lander – design and implementation of an

X-lander is one of the more recognisable brands of prams and pushchairs, offering products that enable parents to spend their time actively with their kids and to travel together. X-lander is a brand created to satisfy the needs of those parents who are happy to spend time with their kids in an active way. 

 It is a premium brand, created by a family company with almost 60 years of experience. We accompanied the company in their transition from the classic sales model based on distributors to the direct sales model based on an online shop.

Let's talk about cooperation.

Design challenge

Creating an online shop in compliance with the values and image of the brand while focusing on sales at the same time
The Deltim company, the owner of the X-lander brand, decided to change the business model from the traditional one (a network of distributors) to a model based on sales via e-commerce and a few key partners. The Deltim team is highly aware of the X-lander brand image. 

Our task was to transform the experience of getting to know the product really well in the stationary shop into providing full information about the product in the internet shop. Selecting the right e-shop platform, introducing the staff to e-commerce, planning sales campaigns, implementation and plans for long-term development are the challenges we face as a result of the Client’s serious business decision.

Innovation in the structure of the shop – 
product story page

On the Polish market there are many companies offering prams and pushchairs which look similar. What makes them different is the specific technical details such as weight, dimensions when folded and open, type of material used for the seat, types of brakes for the wheels, range of accessories, price. 

Therefore, the webpage for the product had to not only encourage to get to know the product but also to provide detailed information about it. We decided to recommend a solution so far known from landing pages, where the story of the product is gradually built. 

Combining the models of product pages from e-commerce and www pages allowed us to present the full story of the product.

More about e-commerce

Innovation – a floating button

How to enable the customer to buy a product at any stage of viewing the page?
In the X-lander shop we decided not to have the classic product page view. As there was a lot of text content on the product pages we had to enable the customers to buy the product at any time and in a clear and comfortable way. In order to do so, we designed a button which remains at the bottom of the page while the page is being scrolled down. The difficulty was not only having to configure the product before buying it but also adjusting the solution to responsive screens.
Do you have questions? Would you like to know the offer?


Since starting up, the e-shop records 2-digit month-over-month growth rates. 
The screen from Google Analytics shows real sales data for Q1. 

The sales results are 6-digit. In cooperation with the X-lander team we continue to develop the shop, plan campaigns and help to make strategic decisions as to the direction of development.


We implemented the X-lander e-shop on the Magento 2 platform which proves best not only for the current needs but also enables further development of the page to include solutions already mentioned at pre-implementation stage.

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