B2B systems for commerce.  Consulting, implementation, long-term cooperation.

We have been creating B2B systems for 6 years including on the Magento platform and in dedicated versions. Our 30-strong team of experts gives advice, designs, creates, maintains and develops systems that automate processes in small and medium-sized companies.

We use Magento as it is a stable system with a wide range of functionalities as can only be expected from one of the global leaders in e-commerce platforms. Besides being perfectly fitted for the B2C sector, it can also be successfully applied to B2B solutions.

The reliability of Magento and the ease with which it can be integrated with management systems help to develop business activity and increase sales.

We understand your needs

In the last few years we have designed and implemented many B2B integrations for the e-commerce sector.

The personal involvement of Marek and Michał Kozik in planning our projects lets us use the experience of previous projects in our future cooperations.  We also use our knowledge to develop our own e-commerce, which at peak times generates over 1000 orders per month. The e-commerce we have developed for our own needs has been completely automated and is therefore practically maintenance-free.

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We identify the processes which may be automated

Our experience clearly indicates that within any internet-based business there is a number of processes that may be automated. Thanks to automation we are able to increase the competitive advantage of our clients and to help them develop. The following are the processes we support most often:
• B2B sales
• international sales
• system integration
• management of information about products
• management of parameters
• business intelligence 
• sales data, statistics, dashboards
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Branches of business we are well familiar with

The projects we have carried out so far have helped us to get acquainted with the internal processes characteristic of various areas of business. The branches of business we have dealt with most often include:  
•   Magento
•   Symfony
•   PWA
•   HTML / CSS
•   JavaScript
•   PHP
•   Angular
•   NodeJS
•   React
•   Vue Storefront
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Branches of business we are well familiar with

The projects we have carried out so far have helped us to get acquainted with the internal processes characteristic of various areas of business. The branches of business we have dealt with most often include:  
•    electric and lighting
•    window joinery
•    clothing
•    gynecology
•    dentistry
•    automotive
•    gardening
•    machine industry
•    industrial electronics
•    medical
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Long-term cooperation, development of a dedicated e-commerce system, shop-application in PWA technology for one of the leaders in the lighting and electricity industry. Over 400% growth, eight-digit sales figures, excellent sales rates.

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BAST is a system that integrates over 300 warehouses and manufacturers in the electric and lighting industry. The data it exchanges is available to the Group Members directly in their ERPs or via the web application we created. Inter-Elektro S.A. is a procurement group set up in order to represent common interests of the electric goods warehouses belonging to the Group.

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Why grupa KMK?

1. Best understanding of your business goals
Recognition of needs takes place through a well-known path - from the first conversations, through a workshop with your team, to joint project planning.

2. We offer our experience and full attention

The owners, Marek and Michał, were involved in consulting and planning the project. You will benefit from our experience of running your own online store that handles up to 100 sales a day.

3. We have a vision of how to develop your business

We focus on increasing your revenues and optimizing costs. We draw on experiences from other projects suggesting paths for possible e-commerce development.

A working partnership

When you start working with us, you can count on the involvement and experience of entire team. In  addition to the dedicated project team. all project are also coordinated and supervised personally by grupa KMK founders Marek and Michał Kozik.
As Marek and Michał oversee the day-to-day project team, they are able to stand by your side as your personal advisors or partners in the subject of  e-commerce. This means we're always here to discuss your needs or to introduce changes. We don't  just perform tasks given to us without first giving each task careful thought - we always communicate with you to identify the most effective methods to achieve the chosen goals. 
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We will analyze your idea and explain the project implementation and cooperation model.
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Our cooperation with you – first steps

1. Finding out your needs and agreeing on scope.

All projects start with defining the needs. This may take the form of a document, an e-mail or a face-to-face meeting.  Because of the fact that in nearly all of the cases the goal is to “start or increase the sales” in our communication we focus on how best to achieve this. In our experience we have chosen different strategies – from optimising conversion and changing the interface (+70% increase of sales overnight), starting marketing activities and developing the shop’s functionalities to comprehensive activities which resulted in 80% increase of our Client’s sales and becoming a national leader in his branch of business

2. Planning the process.

Based on the strategic decision on how to distribute the workload of programming, designing and marketing we prepare a project process that fits the your requirements, the specific market, the implemented IT solutions, and quality of brand communication etc. 

3. Project completion and post-implementation development

It's not always possible to set a specific end date for a project as support, communication, and Magento software development often needs to continiue after a project has been completed.
Thanks to our track record, know-how, and our deep experience with the e-commerce market, you can be confident that the solutions we recommend represent the best investment for you.