Why is it a good idea to work with us?

Professional development

We ensure professional development – interesting projects, new challenges, an experienced and talented 30-strong team. You get the opportunity to learn a lot and at the same time you have influence on the product. We do large projects but not corporate ones. You’ll have a chance to work with people with many different competences - from architects and graphic designers, frontend and backend developers to marketing specialists and project managers. 

Flat structure and anti-corporate approach

In our company every employee is important. There is home atmosphere here and friendly relations. There are no stiff rules imposed from the top. Employees enjoy freedom in their activities, autonomy and a sense of responsibility for the project and the tasks entrusted to them - mutual trust is the basic principle we believe in at all levels. 


It is you who decides how much time you want to spend working and how you want to work. If you prefer working remotely – no problem, if you want to work with people - you’re welcome in the office. Flexible working time, no holiday plan and overall flexibility help to establish long-term relationships.  

Adequate pay, always on time.

We cannot compete with foreign corporations outsourcing work to Poland. However, we do our very best to ensure competitive remuneration - always on time.

We carry out large projects for serious Clients. We don’t use out-of-date technologies, the code has no technical debt. We trust our employees fully and they can make decisions concerning the solutions and in this way they have real influence on the end product. 
We respond to your needs.

Are you an experienced programmer wanting to have influence on his/her projects, stability and common sense at work? 

– We carry out large projects for serious Clients, we don’t use out-of-date technologies. 
– It is up to you if as a programmer you want to participate in meetings with clients. 
– You can work on projects based on headless/pwa + magento or native Magento. 
– We work on dockers, you will be working in the same environment whether you’re working locally or in production. 
– There’s a training you’re interested in? You want to get a certificate? – Great! Let us know, we’ll be happy to help. - You yourself will choose the project you want to work on. 
– read Adam’s review

Are you a parent? 

– An unexpected situation occurred? – we know all too well what it is like to have children, so you can count on our understanding in emergencies. 
– Adjust your availability to your daily plan - work from home at times to suit you or come to the office outside the official office hours. 
– read Mariola’s review

You have other passions besides work? 

– You declare how much time you want to spend working 
– You decide about your working schedule i.e. which days and times you are available 
– read Ania’s review 
– read Robert’s review
Our office is nothing like the corporate open space. There’s friendly atmosphere here, everyone has their own place. Our office is located 3 minutes away from the main railway station in Katowice. There are also plenty of parking spaces near the office.

So you want to work with us? Get in touch!

What are the next steps?
1. Verification of your CV.
2. A short, 15-minute meeting with one of our two bosses.
3. A longer meeting with one of our two bosses.
4. Optionally a short task to do and a meeting with the person with whom you would be working most closely in the Team.
5. Final negotiations of your work conditions.
Send your application to:
Please be informed that by sending your application you agree to your personal data being processed in compliance with GDPR.
Get acquainted with the information related to personal data processing in the recruitment process.

Have a look at what our employees say about us:

For me, as a mother of two young children, working in grupa KMK is just a dream job. Maternity and the problems with availability connected with it caused by e.g. a child’s sudden illness, the pandemic, a closed creche or kindergarten are no longer a problem. They work whenever they can, sometimes remotely, sometimes they come to the office outside the standard office hours. Besides there are great people in the team and the bosses are very helpful. I strongly recommend this employer :-)
– Mariola Banaś, Project Manager, Adwords Specialist, Analyst
I have been working in grupa KMK not even for a year so far but I know that this is a place where I want to spend a big chunk of my life. The company puts a lot of stress on good atmosphere at work, a typical anti-pattern of the corporate approach. Every single problem, no matter how big or small, can be solved just by talking. Right from the very beginning I was given an enormous amount of trust and I had huge influence on the ultimate architecture of the project. It’s the programmer who decides how much and when he wants to work. Everyone has influence on how we work. There’s room here both for the typical code-typist and a person who wants to stay in touch with the client or play with DevOps. We work using modern technologies and try not to have debt. At the moment we are developing a few own products including headless for magento or an extended theme for magento dedicated for a large purchasing group. If any of the employees finds an interesting training, all you have to do is say ;)
– Adam, Magento Developer
For me, as a person juggling two jobs, the most important thing in grupa KMK is the flexi-time. My working time as a programmer is more freelance than full-time, which is why I really appreciate it when the company makes it possible to adjust my availability to my lifestyle and habits. The atmosphere in the team is just as important. In grupa KMK we are also friends after office hours ;)
– Robert, Magento Developer

Reviews from our past employees

We have also asked our past employees for reviews - people who have decided to continue their careers elsewhere.
Have a look at what they think about the time spent in grupa KMK:

I remember my cooperation with grupa KMK very well.
They are professionals who know very well what they’re doing but at the same time they are not closed to new solutions and will consider new ideas. At difficult times you can always count on the support of someone from the team.
— Krzysiek, Programmer

I started working in grupa KMK a month after I had obtained my BA diploma. Working with Michał and Marek introduced me to cooperating with clients and showed me how important soft skills are in everyday life of a graphic designer.
— Asia, Graphic Designer

This is an ideal place for people who value freedom in making decisions in projects they participate in. Huge amounts of trust from “the bosses” and a truly friendly, almost family-like atmosphere. I recommend the Koziks!
— Mariusz, Programmer

Despite the fact that I supported one of the projects as an external expert, I still felt like a full member of the team whose input is important. I was also impressed with the skillful organisation of project management and other processes in the company.
— Łukasz, Service Designer

współpraca z KMK to dla mnie trzy hasła:
partnership (both within the team and in relations with clients) /
passion (for work and outside of work) /
travelling – I’ll never forget the pizza in Bari... :)
— Julka, UX/UI Designer

What I most appreciate in grupa KMK is the working culture and the courage to implement non-standard project solutions. This is a place where I was able to test and polish the skills I acquired in the Academy of Fine Arts. Besides, you’ve got quite a nice team there, guys :)
— Maciek, Graphic Designer

Michał and Marek assume that a good team is the key to success.
In grupa KMK mutual help, understanding and cooperation was important. Together we can do more :)
— Ola, Graphic Designer

I started my professional development as a UX designer in grupa KMK. What I remember best about it is the willingness to share knowledge, great openness to design-thinking creativity and the drive to keep looking for the best possible solutions for the project, which had a great impact on my professional mindset.
I recommend it as a place where you can verify in practice that less is more 😊
— Martyna, UX/UI Designer

I worked in grupa KMK for almost 3 years. This time was filled with interesting and ambitious projects, carried out in a great team. The family-like atmosphere in the office made me go to work with a smile on my face. I could count on Michał and Marek’s (the Bosses) help not only in relation to my tasks but also in my private life. The brothers have an innovative approach not only to the projects they do but also to the organisation of work in the team. They made it possible for me to follow my sports passion by agreeing to flexible working time. Thank you for this wonderful experience!
— Ania, UX/UI Designer